Outdoor camping light flashlight

Color: Orange
Size: 24cm


Name: Camping flashlight orange T15
Additional function: can be used as mobile power
Input voltage: DC5V2A
Output voltage: DC5V2.1A
Maximum power: 2W
[Brightness: 2001m
Charging method: USB direct charge
[Working temperature: 0-40 degrees
Use time: soft light low light: 60 hours
Mid-light: 16 hours
Highlight: 8 hours
Flashlight: 8 hours
Red and blue flashing: 60 hours
Mosquito repellent: 60 hours

Charging status: The red dot flashes in the middle while charging, and the red dot does not flash when it is full

USB LED露营灯7800mAH帐篷灯-IP68-防水-可充电-磁性-远足-工作-钓鱼-SOS(3)HTB1x16Zk1uSBuNjy1Xcq6AYjFXaWHTB1S2FpafvsK1RjSspdq6AZepXam  


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