I’m Lisa and I will be your coach for the duration of your personal transformation. As an industry leader and personal trainer for 40 years, I have had the unique opportunity to work with thousands of clients just like you through group fitness classes, one on one personal training or through industry trade shows as a continuing education provider.
The truth is, I’m only as good to you for the hour we spend together in the gym or during one of my weekend training courses.
My desire is to connect with people just like you and provide the same quality of service at an affordable scale at the highest level.
In my experience most clients need structure and accountability. My goal is to provide just that through our electronic connection. Never worry about not having enough time. Train in the privacy of your own home. After a long day at the office, running after kids, cleaning and prepping for everyone around you, take our expert advice and implement the lifestyle changes and programming designed JUST FOR YOU!

💥  We’ll go through a complete movement assessment so we know exactly what your starting point is and what the best path forward will be for you.
Design a nutrition plan that’s flexible and easy to follow, so you can enjoy your favorite foods while living a healthy lifestyle.
💥 Design a progressive overload program to gain strength and build lean muscle tissue, so you can transform your body into a fat-burning furnace.
💥 Build a strong and powerful engine! Strong body + strong heart = lasting long term results. Shed fat, gain muscle and sculpt the body of your dreams.
💥 Find and correct limiting factors in the body that may be interfering with results and work towards healthier movement patterns, so you can live pain-free.
💥 Establish a brand new mindset by crushing your limiting beliefs as you apply all the Power Pillars to your life, so you can ditch the negative mindset for good!
💥 Find and implement ways to relax and recover from stressful life situations and rediscover true balance.