The Lisa Gaylord Fitness Program is for you if:
You are going through the many stages of life and are struggling with all the physical and mental changes.
You’re a stay at home mom/dad and need to be at home to workout.
You’ve been thinking about hiring a personal trainer but not sure about the affordability.
You’ve tried dieting in the past and nothing worked.
You lack motivation and accountability.
You HATE large crowds of people and prefer to workout alone but don’t know where to start.
You have injuries and are scared to get hurt.
You feel like you don’t fit in at a conventional gym.

But don't take my word for it......


“Back in 2011 I was looking for a gym and found Lisa Gaylord and immediately loved her workouts, personality and dedication to each clients specific needs. After years of high performance swimming for Division 1, I quit working out altogether and was diagnosed with prediabetes. I hired Lisa to work with my needs and goals. From nutrition to training plans. She helped me get into the best shape of my life and most importantly my health was back. Since , I moved away and have had 3 children, which has thrown my routine out the window. I am incredibly happy that technology has made a reconnection with Lisa possible. I am currently living in Brazil and her online services are the best opportunity for me to find myself again. My kids love to workout with me during her online workouts and I let them know how special Lisa is to Mom. I recommend Lisa’s services to anyone who is looking for a real health and lifestyle change. She will help you become aware of your body and mind in order to be the best version of

“I was trying everything , too much, too fast and always got discouraged. Had no clue where to start. When I met Lisa I was 225 lbs and was trying everything. Lisa was super responsive to my back issues and gave me a small workout to do everyday. Once I was able to do the small workout in an efficient time, Lisa then gave me more and we built upon that....everything in moderation. Slowly but surely I was able to see change, which to me was the best. Sometimes starting to workout is overwhelming, but when I met Lisa she took her time with me and made me realize it has to start somewhere and gave me the tools to crush my goals. I would highly recommend Lisa for all your fitness coaching! She is the best I have met and actually takes the time to make you understand what you need to
do. If it wasn't for her I would still be 225. Now I'm 178!! BOOM!”

“I have worked with Lisa as a professional trainer for over 20 years. She is always on the cutting edge of fitness and is innovative, motivating, supportive and encouraging. There has never been a training or a class that I didn't walk away with knowledge and experience that was unique and beneficial to my own training and coaching business. Lisa Gaylord is the “real deal” in the fitness and
wellness industry.”