Boxing Gloves

Color: White
Size: XL
style: Gloves


Foot protection reference

S-----suitable for shoes code 3.0--33 yards

M----suitable for shoe size 34--35 yards

L----suitable for shoe size 36--37 yards

XL---suitable for shoe size 38--39 yards

XXL---suitable for shoe size 40--41 yards

XXXL--suitable for shoe size 42--43 yards

A friend who is a little fat suggests a size (only for feet)

Hand guard reference

S#----- suitable for height 1.4 meters - 1.5 meters

M#----- suitable for height 1.5 meters - 1.65 meters

L#-----suitable for height 1.65 meters - 1.75 meters

XL#----- suitable for height 1.75 meters -1.80 meters

2XL#-----suitable for height 1.80 meters - 2.0 meters

Name: Boxing Gloves / Taekwondo
Material: Elastic cotton cloth made of high quality PU leather mesh

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