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The silent pulley is made of special heavy-duty steel to ensure that no additional noise is generated during operation. Including 40-inch and 80-inch, high-strength sheathed cables, providing more cable length options to meet your needs, and maintain strength, durability, and smooth operation.

Including professional gym cable curl pulldown bar and tricep rope. The cable's anti-breaking ball design and heavy-duty alloy buckle can prevent the rope from breaking and provide sufficient protection. Upgraded loading pins with barbell clips can fit standard or Olympic weight plates. The maximum weight can reach 400 pounds.

Just pass the loading pin through the center hole of the counterweight plate and connect each part. The lat and lifting pulley system can be connected to the power cage, the upper tie rod, the cross beam, and any position where the sling can be installed. Its small package size allows you to carry it with you and is suitable for travel.

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