Multi-Function Leg Exercise Machine


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Sissy squat is the best bodyweight exercise to train your abs, thighs, and glutes. Sissy squats build muscle, strength, balance, durability, and flexibility. This is the one home & commercial gym workout station you can’t miss, extremely versatile, deep sissy squat, band squat, hyper-extension (back extension), side extension, forward lunge, sit-up, push-up, and even more. For more than two decades in the fitness business, we are veterans build excellent equipment.

Heavy-duty steel mainframe, foam foot holder, comfortable rear cushion, large steel non-slip footplate, every part is made by high-quality material. Adjustable design makes this workout station fits different sizes and body shapes. Foot holder adjustable to fit your feet, rear cushion height adjustable to feet your legs, rear cushion angle adjustable to offer you more training options.


Color: Black-8300
Material: Foam, Alloy Steel
Item Weight: 26 Pounds
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 330 Pounds
Item Dimensions:LxWxH 39.5 x 19 x 33 inches

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