Outdoor equipment survival treasure box survival tool set

Color: Black


Size: 210*120*50mm
The kit includes:

1. Oversized waterproof and shockproof storage box (with external carabiner);

2, butterfly large Flint (with multi-function scraper);

3, KT portable tool knives;

4, tungsten steel head broken window defense tactical pen;

5, "defender" portable glare flashlight;

6, high frequency double hole survival whistle;

7, 10 in one large multi-function army knife card;

8, brass shell boutique compass;

9. "Free Light" portable key light;

10,550 military regulations 9 core umbrella rope 10 meters;

11, aviation aluminum alloy S-type carabiner 4 (large 2, small 2)

12, aviation aluminum alloy three-hole tie rope buckle (random color)

13. High reflective thermal insulation blanket;

14. High-strength double-strand survival wire saw;

15, mini color vials (random colors);

16. Two crocodile umbrella rope fixed tent clips;

17. Two glasses-type umbrella rope closing clips.



This combination suit survival box contains a practical and practical survival tool for outdoor survival. It has versatility and simple tools with dozens of functions to meet the various needs encountered in the outdoor survival process.

This set enhances the function of binding, fixing, etc. of the rope in outdoor survival: the tool is upgraded to a multi-functional version with a cutting knife; the 10 m 550 military parachute added is sufficient for a variety of outdoor survival needs; 4 different sizes S-type carabiner and three-hole rope buckle can better meet the binding and fixing functions of the rope during use; the addition of the small accessories "crocodile clip" and "glass buckle" can be added to the use of the rope.

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