Tactical & Self-Defense Body Opponent Bag


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Get realistic training with bob, the body opponent bag. Bob xl has a longer torso than the original bob, giving you a more striking surface for body shots and kicks. Base fills with water or sand and is rounded for easy relocation.

Bob is resilient and reliable. A training partner that’s always there and can take it on the chin. Literally. A heavy bag will do wonders for your workout, but sometimes you need to know that your cross will land where it needs to. That your uppercut is accurate. That your shots to the ribs hit hard and are well placed.

Bob’s versatility is fully realized as the quintessential freestanding system. Move it around the gym or keep one in the garage. Any environment, bob’s available. Plus, he’s a good listener.


Size: X-Large
Sport Type: Martial Arts, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Tactical & Military
Item Weight:50 Pounds
Age Range (Description): Adult

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